Smart Extension to Your Solar Inverter
The Enapter ENP-RS232 Module can be added to your current renewable energy setup to compliment your solar inverter with the advanced open source management and monitoring features you are missing both for single and parallel mode operation.
Supports various serial protocol inverters such as MPP Solar, SILA and other.
Suggest us other models.
The Enapter App is available on the App Store and Google Play. Start tracking your energy activity remotely from all over the world!
How It Works
Buy the Enapter ENP-RS232 Module for your inverter
Connect the module
to your inverter
Setup the module using the Enapter mobile application and Enapter Blueprint
Monitor and control your inverter in real-time
Monitoring and
Management Features
With the Enapter ENP-RS232 Module you can manage and monitor your solar inverter remotely and conveniently via mobile and web applications.
Advanced Monitoring With Real Time Dashboard

Everything available in real time on mobile and web dashboards: battery and PV voltages and currents, battery state of charge and state of health, grid voltage and frequency, and more.*

Receive mobile push notifications about any errors or warnings happening to your inverter.
Store All Data in the Enapter Cloud for Free
Free and unlimited cloud-based data storage for your inverter telemetry is included. All historical and real-time data is available on the go with per-second precision.

Charger Management
Set time schedule or battery voltage thresholds to dynamically change priorities of battery charger source between Solar Only or Utility Grid modes - or switch manually using the mobile application at any time.

You do not need an extra computer to control and configure your inverter anymore.

Offline Mode
The module is autonomous – schedule and voltage threshold rules work without an Internet connection. For additional reliability it can be powered directly from 12/24/48 V DC battery.
Seamless Firmware Updates Over Internet
Keep your inverter up-to-date without any effort. All necessary updates and releases are delivered to your module automatically. The history of updates is available in your mobile application.
Some features are subject to availability for specific solar inverter models.
The Enapter ENP-RS232 Module supports most popular inverters with RS-232 port.
Easy Setup With QR Code
Download the Android or iOS mobile application and scan a QR-code on your module to enable remote monitoring and worldwide access.
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